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About Federation

Federation is a team of diverse multi-discipline thinkers in a truly converged agency.

We have built our reputation by creating innovative, results-oriented strategies to our clients’ marketing and business problems. We are known for our original thinking and intellectual, business-oriented opinions and perspectives. We have a creative culture that helps us to engage consumers with brands to grow brand preference and business value.

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The Latest

Find out what Federation has been up to lately. Here we’ll keep you posted on our latest projects, events and happenings.

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Robots, AI and getting with the programme

“The pace of disruptive technological innovation has gone from linear to parabolic in recent years,” said a recent Bank of America Merrill Lynch report.

Creating a new Hubbub around content marketing

Today we are absolutely chuffed to announce the launch of our sister agency, Hubbub, a specialist content marketing and PR agency.