Watch Again

It's all go

The opportunity - Over the next 3 years, Auckland Transport is connecting Auckland with a comprehensive network of cycleways and shared paths. Pragmatically, the brief was to show the city path map and communicate key infrastructural dates. More importantly though, we had to sell the excitement of how the cycleways will make Auckland better for everybody; safer for cyclists, fewer cars on roads and healthier Aucklanders.

The strategy - We had to create a buzz and get everybody excited. The work needed to cut through and get noticed so people would pay actually attention to what many perceive as a boring topic. We conceived a multi-pronged approach; get attention with bright, upbeat OOH and a colourful video and lead through to a simple landing page with an interactive route map and a series of illustrated fun facts that bring the benefits to life. All supported with rounds of social.

The creative - Auckland is literally coming to life and the new cycleway routes will provide new energy in its veins. We latched onto this metaphor and expressed the growth of this modern city with the colourful trails of the cyclists, which correlate to the colour-coded cycleway routes themselves. The outcome is certainly eye catching and has been very successful in driving the public to the infrastructural information that in turn, serves to quell the stream of enquiries AT receives regarding the progress in the city.