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AT I love my ride

The opportunity - To launch the AT cycling network, we had created It’s All Go – an optimistic campaign for both Aucklanders and key stakeholders. It communicated why Aucklanders need cycleways and how they’d transform the city. Now, AT required an engaging follow-up campaign to encourage people to use the cycleways. So, we tapped into Auckland’s existing diverse cycling culture with I Love My Ride.

The strategy - We wanted to feature people from all walks of life who are out there riding (and loving it). By sharing their love of cycling, we'd normalise it and encourage more people to get out on a bike – while bringing the AT brand some kudos from Aucklanders. We'd engage people with stories from a wide cross-section of the Auckland public, photographed at their favourite spot along their route and feature the work across social media, OOH and city magazines such as Canvas and Paperboy.

The creative - The campaign resonated with locals because it’s all about everyday Aucklanders making the most of the city on their bike. The creative inspired AT, and they began to photograph Aucklanders with bikes at activations around the city. As a result, hundreds of photos and stories were posted and organically shared on Facebook and Instagram. So even months after the launch, the campaign is still gathering momentum and more Aucklanders are riding their bikes than ever.