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Auckland Transport – ‘Share with a smile’

The opportunity - New cycling and walking ‘shared paths’ were being built across Auckland. Our task was to educate pedestrians and bike riders on how to share the paths safely, with a positive attitude – and get people excited about it.

The strategy - The work had to communicate ‘the rules’ of shared paths in a non-preachy, light-hearted way. Both media and creative needed careful consideration to gain cut-through with people already using the paths and to target potential users, too.

The creative - We embraced a happy go lucky tone. Designed and mounted giant emojis. And launched ‘share with a smile’ on high-traffic shared-paths throughout Auckland. Emojis helped tell the story quickly – they proved to be an engaging vehicle for getting a serious message across in genial way.

The emojis struck a chord with Auckland’s cyclists and walkers, reaching 299,300 people across the month of activation. Better yet, our ‘snap your selfie and be in to win’ social media promotion generated a total number of 1,147,061 impressions.

Street Posters

We created simple iconic posters featuring our share the path message and strategically placed them around the city in close proximity to shared paths.

Path Decals

The path decals, designed to stand out to those riding or walking over them, proved so successful, they are now in their fourth round of implementation around the city.


When we were tasked to create something that riders could take away from the activations, stickers of the emoji messages were the obvious choice. They were a hit with the kids, as were a limited amount of t-shirts.