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Auckland Transport

Transport Officers

The opportunity - Auckland Transport is employing over 200 Transport Officers and Supervisors. This is an exciting new career path at the heart of Auckland’s public transport system. Transport Officers will be customer service champions for AT. Their mandate is to provide a positive customer experience and enhanced sense of security throughout the network.

The strategy - Inspire Aucklanders to discover the interesting new career path of becoming a Transport Officer with Auckland Transport, and consider applying for the role. Create a personality for Transport Officers that is respected, likeable and aspirational. Attract applicants who are approachable & pro-active, community minded and natural problem solvers.

The creative - Make Your Move became our call out. The job offering was a new career journey, personal progression and the chance to ‘take a different track’. Fronted by two of the first recruits, Kina and Dave, our campaign put a friendly, human face to the role. Our key video asset followed the team on a standard working day. Individual interviews delved more into their personal motivations and aspirations.

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The website housed an introduction to the position, video testimonials from Kina and Dave, and a more in depth job description. A simple checklist helped filter out applicants before leading to an online application form, solving existing abandonment problems.

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