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Cavalier Bremworth

A world of difference

The opportunity - It's 'innovate or stagnate' in the carpet industry and so Cavalier Bremworth created two innovative and sustainable SDN carpets and looked to Federation for a category breaking re-launch story that would create a rapid shift in consumer perceptions. Cav needed an iconic and memorable brand campaign that embodied the gravity of their decision to move the business into SDNs – work that went a lot deeper than 'happy families sitting on nice carpet'.

The strategy - Research showed that the target market (mainly females over 35) treat decisions around the brand, cut and style of their carpet in the same way they choose their personal fashion style. So what kind of creative idea befits Cavalier Bremworth's unrelenting drive for avant-garde excellence? One that provokes the senses by intertwining fashion, music and movement. One that goes back to the company's DNA and makes the actual fibre, the hero. One that’s captivating, iconic and extends effortlessly into each brand touch point.

The creative - Every element of the carpet buying experience has been considered and reinvented. From the TVCs to the new website with educational video content, through to the fully redesigned in-store experience, collateral, brochures and even elegantly designed carpet sample takeaway bags. By drawing a strong link between carpet and fashion, Federation has taken Cavalier Bremworth from a trusted brand in a tired and worn category to an unexpected brand with a global feel, championing an entirely new product and customer experience.

A world of difference TVC

Brand TVC’s

The campaign launched with a 60sec brand ad, featuring the three hero carpets – Wool, Siren and Valour. The launch was supported with three 30sec product spots that delved a little deeper into the benefits of each hero carpet.


The website redesign allowed us to engineer the online carpet research and purchase experience from the ground up.

We empowered customers with impartial advice and helpful tools like the Buying Guide, In-store Checklist and Carpet Selector. Users could save their favourite carpets to a Wishlist and order free samples too – getting carpets into the homes of potential customers even before they've visited a store.

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The role of the brochure was to create a stylish snapshot of the new products. Visually dominated by the new iconic imagery, the written content served to summarise the benefits and attributes of the featured carpets and to explain the extensive warranties.

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Customer sample bags

We wanted the brand to connect as many consumer experience touch points as possible, so visually-striking reusable bags were a very good idea.

POS and trucks

Cutting though at the retail level is a tough challenge, where competition is fierce and where large competitor brands often incentivise the sales staff to sell their products over any other.

Our challenge was to make Cavalier Bremworth so irresistible to the consumer, that sales intervention is futile. Our bold new point of sale stands, with integrated iPads for online ordering, have proved very popular with the sales team and customers alike.

The company’s significant buildings and delivery trucks also presented an obvious media opportunity to create striking billboards throughout the country.