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Q Card

Campervan Memories

The opportunity - With Q Card awareness and penetration growing, our brief was to create a brand TVC to evolve the Q Card story. We determined to lead with emotive story-telling because Q Card is ‘for buying the things that matter’ and what matters is how you FEEL when you can get the things you really want or need.

The strategy - Looking at the category, and keeping Q Card’s smart, friendly and down-to-earth personality in mind, it was clear we needed to avoid lofty, patronising and earnest territories.

Our approach was to be simple and positive - life has great things in store for you now, and in the future, so there’s no need to limit your life. Q Card enables meaningful experiences and gives you the opportunity to say YES to the life you want.

The creative - The creative challenge was deciding what story to tell. There was no way to cover off all the ways one can use a Q Card in one 30 sec ad. Instead we came up with Campervan Memories – seeing it as an embodiment of the precious life memories we all aspire to experience and hold on to.

We got Justin Harwood aboard as Director, impressed with his work on the “High Road” web series, and commissioned Buzz Moller (Voom) to write and record the song, knowing great music is crucial to creating the emotional connection we wanted.

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