James Hardie

Knickers in a twist

The opportunity - Pre-cladding materials are the stuff that creates a barrier between a building's frame and the cladding. Building paper is the norm, but James Hardie produces a rigid, cost-effective fibre cement alternative – HomeRAB. The category is big business but traditionally, the advertising's as boring as watching paint dry.

The strategy - This was our opportunity to make some noise with a disruptive B2B campaign that thrust James Hardie HomeRAB into the limelight. We used targeted DM, digital and magazine ads to engage and inform builders and architects that HomeRAB lining is the ideal alternative to building paper, offering a more profitable build for builders and a more stress-free building experience for homeowners.

The creative - In a word: underwear. More specifically: HomeRAB is the best underwear for your next build. This creative territory gave us the licence to be cheeky, irreverent and bold in a category that sorely lacked personality. An eye-catching print and collateral campaign was developed, bespoke DM boxes were designed and if this client comment is anything to go by, the campaign has been a total success: "...the whole industry just loves them...everyone's talking about the campaign and the undies are the hot ticket at all our expos...it might be time to order another 2000 pairs!"

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