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James Hardie

Linea Weatherboard

The opportunity - James Hardie Linea weatherboard was traditionally marketed to architects, developers and group builders – business-to-business only. We saw the opportunity to go direct to the consumer because research showed us that it's often the homeowner who makes the final decision.

The strategy - We had to find a way of communicating the impressive product benefits of Linea weatherboard (classic lines, resistant to damage from fire and moisture, low maintenance, sustainably made, environmentally friendly) in an entertaining and visually compelling way. Bearing in mind that it's not just a rational choice for people building a new home, emotions come into the decision-making process too.

The creative - We created a fantastical TVC, the story of a house that transforms during a storm, evolving into a protective robot whose Linea cladding has prepared him to battle the elements, defending the family inside.

As the weather rages, we see the delight of the young girl safe inside the robot house as he triumphs against lightning, howling wind, driving rain and coastal sprays... or did she just dream it all?

Linea Weatherboard TVC

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