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Charity Night

The background - Having worked hard for over two decades in Auckland's advertising scene, Andy McDowell was looking forward to the future. Then early onset Parkinson's tore life from his grasp, leaving him anxious, depressed and without a steady income. While Andy was recovering from Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery, the heads of The Marketing Association briefed the team at Federation on an auction and cocktail evening to support Andy's situation.

The strategy - We came up with McDowell and Parkinson's – the movers and shakers. A faux agency establishing itself in the Auckland scene, looking to hire all manner of agency bods, led by the man himself.

The creative - The campaign piqued the interest of the Auckland advertising industry – harnessing the industry's 'gossip power' – and as a result, Andy's auction evening sold out within a few days. The event was spectacular – a full house at La Zeppa, tears, hugs, drinks flowing all night and over $70,000 raised with every cent going to Andy's quality of life and towards the education of his two daughters Lily and Pearl.

Case Study

The night