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The opportunity - The ‘want it all want it now’ generation are increasingly looking for options to own the latest fashion and lifestyle items immediately, without blowing their budgets. Oxipay brings the concept of lay-by to their world. Shoppers can complete online and in-store purchases and receive their goods right away, while breaking the total cost in to four fortnightly payments.

The strategy - Our challenge was to create consumer demand and merchant sign-ups at the same time. The target was millennial. This next generation of consumers like to live in the now and desire the latest trends and tech. But, they don’t want to be burdened by debt. They want to be in control. We’d emotionally appeal to potential users through lifestyle, fashion and tech cues, then close the loop with the rational benefit of smart money management.

The creative - Own the now. It’s yours right away, with four Oxipays. Designed with a fashion sensibility our launch comms created interest and excitement on the street and on mobile devices. Via the website and longer-form content we’d clearly explain the benefits. Then a layer of retail examples and reasons to buy were used to drive sign-up and sales.

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