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Q Card

Make Xmas More Qmas

The opportunity - Xmas can be stressful, spendy and same-same… So, in a busy marketing melee, Q Card and Q Mastercard needed to stand out from the traditional festive fare. The opportunity was to wrap up prize incentives, online sales events, interest free weekends and timely offers into a programme that made Xmas more merry for everyone.

The strategy - A high-impact, multifaceted campaign that kept our cardholders interested and delivered surprises. The campaign needed to refresh regularly, yet still be held together by a big co-ordinating idea. We structured the work in phases from early-birds to last minute shoppers, incentivising card use and helping cardholders enjoy the season all the way.

The creative - Make Xmas More Qmas! Qmas is fun, rewarding and spontaneous. It’s a celebration of all we like about the festive season, and an antidote to the things we don’t. Amongst others a dancing turkey, selfie-snapping dog, flaming pudding and our very own Father Qmas, made sure Qmas was full of smiles, wins, LOLs and likes… and target-topping results.

Launch TVC

Wing your way to NYC

With our Qmas turkey strutting his stuff on screen, we launched a cardholder’s prize promotion showing our big bird living it up in the big apple!

Cyber shopping days

For well-organised shoppers, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are an opportunity to grab some bargain gifts early. We made it extra appealing with extended interest free offers. And a funny cat video.

Father Qmas

As the big day got closer, we unveiled our very own festive father figure. Father Qmas promoted our jewelry partners, seasonal food offers and general gift and goodie shopping.

Father Qmas

Qmas shopping

We encouraged cardholders to get their last minute gifts and final trimmings for the table on their Q Card too with supermarket vouchers and Apple products up for grabs…

Happy Q Year!

As New Zealand got ready for summer holidays and New Year parties, we helped them start their year in style with fuel, food (and beverage!) offers.