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Rewarding Smart Business

The opportunity - BizRewards had developed some new strings to its bow for business account holders. This provided us with an opportunity to develop a new platform to express the many benefits of being a BizRewards account holder:

1. It’s super convenient
2. You can collect points really quickly
3. You’ll enjoy rewards more often.

The strategy - Bring a layer of personality through illustration so we can craft some visual storytelling around the key benefits of BizRewards.

The creative - We developed a new brand look and feel that was fresh, flexible and professional, fronted by a smart little character Barry Biz. We incorporated info cloud bubbles, a pastel colour palette and a more conversational font. It’s a quick and easy framework that brings together business-savvy iconography and allows the BizRewards brand to be used in a consistent way across various media.

Rewarding Smart Business TVC’s


We developed a simplified colour palette and new Card lock up.


Black and white imagery with a vintage charm was used to support the various comms.

Direct Mailer