Watch Again


Sensible Swedes

The opportunity - The marketing issue Volvo faced was a three-headed beast. Firstly, people thought Volvos were a bit boring and boxy. Volvo had also been out of the public eye for a few years and the brand was built on sophisticated safety features that now came standard in every other modern car.

The strategy - Break the pattern of retail press spreads and use TV as a showroom to display the beautifully crafted range of new XC Volvos. The new models are absolutely stunning and the only way to get more NZers behind the wheel was by taking them through the Volvo experience visually.

The creative - Simplicity was the key. We created a beautifully shot product TVC with a compelling retail offer. And it worked. We generated a 63% increase in sales over quarter one in the previous year, exceeding Volvo’s sales target by over 25%.

R Design TVC