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Fire, wind, water, Earth are the fundamental elements of life. And the foundations of Elemental AKL.

  • Creative Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Web Design
  • Advertising
  • UX

Elemental AKL is a brand new Auckland festival to be held every winter. We were tasked to bring meaning to this new entity, create excitement around the inaugural event and form a design language that can adapt and develop over time to become iconic.

Our transformational new brand identity represented the multi-faceted nature of the festival: a stage for various creative components. Aligning events to the elements gave us a structure for festival goers to navigate through the event. Creating stylised icons for each element delivered a modern visual identity now set to become synonymous with the festival. Marking a month long celebration of Auckland’s unique energy.

Using both online and offline platforms, the campaign increased awareness of what was a totally unknown festival, ultimately driving up interest, excitement and visitation from across Auckland and the rest of NZ.


A new site to launch the festival, collate the vast schedule and help patrons zero in on the events that interest them.


A vibrant, modern take on the fundemental elements, our icons are buzzing with energy.


Single placements announced the festival, with consecutive posters and revolving digital OOH highlighting each element.