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True E-Commerce

True E-Commerce

The True Honey Co.

Developing an engaging e-commerce experience and smooth UX to tell the True Honey Story.

  • Web Design
  • UX
  • E-commerce
  • Automation
  • Platform integration

The True Honey Co. understand that there is something special about Mānuka honey and they take their responsibilities to the New Zealand environment very seriously. This care and attention has led them to producing some of the best Mānuka honey in the world, including the world’s highest rated Mānuka honey. We wanted to give The True Honey Co. the perfect vehicle in which to tell there story and make their product available to the world. We wanted to present them as a premium brand so it was clear as soon as you visit the site, you are buying something special.

We started from the ground up, assessing different e-commerce platforms and finding the mot secure platform we could. Using Shopify as our starting point, we integrated this with The True Honey Co.’s existing warehousing and distribution platforms, as well as partnering the site with Ominisend, giving them, fully automated email communications. Once live, we ran a campaign through Social media, display and native to promote the new site and drive customer acquisition. With a smoother UX, we are seeing repeat visits and purchases made, along with an increase in new customers.

E-Commerce site

Clean UX giving clear options for purchase.

Launch site


Clean photography style, making the product the hero.