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AK Have Your Say

AK Have Your Say
AK Have
  Your Say

Auckland Council

Turning public opinion in to actual influence on Auckland’s long-term planning and policy by giving Aucklanders a voice.

  • Online Video
  • Social
  • Outdoor
  • Radio
  • Experiential

Auckland Council’s long term plans around transport, sewarage and stormwater, environmental protection, growth and urban planning were up for public consultation. It’s big stuff that does matter. But to engage a jaded, disparate audience our challenge was to reinforce that their opinions mattered too.

The campaign had to be genuine, in touch, and highly relevant. Our 30 day game plan promoted real people’s real views, in real-time. We created urgency and mass awareness, making March the month to get involved and have your voice heard.

The campaign call out kept the message friendly and approachable, and comms were geo-targeted through colour and iconography. The people spoke to the people and the submissions rolled in.

Digital Videos

Collating comments from all sorts of people on the street, we cut videos around four key questions, inviting others have their say.

Digital OOH

Featuring regular Aucklanders, localised adshels set up the campaign and launched into topics important to specific areas.

Social Videos

A series of video posts focused on individuals with real passion and genuine personal opinions on issues closest to them.

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