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Live the bike life

Live the bike life
Live the
  bike life

Auckland Transport

Mobilising a massive new crowd of bikers in the big city by celebrating the bike life.

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Cycling in Auckland has really gathered momentum over the last five years. Our behaviour changing journey with Auckland Transport Cycling began with the ‘Love My Ride’ advocate campaign. Next stage was to hero the infrastructure and cool places to enjoy ‘Life in the Bike Lane’.

‘Live the Bike Life’ is the current iteration underlining the rational and emotional benefits of a life lived by bike. All the way our strategy has been to keep it real and make sure cycling in Auckland is seen as a practical and fun opportunity for everyone, not just greying guys squeezed in to lycra.

It seems to be working! March 2019 was Auckland's busiest biking month ever, with 388,000 movements recorded (+8.3%). And June 2019 saw a 16.7% year-on-year lift. A total increase of 8.9% over the previous 12 months has taken recorded movements across the city to 3.77 million.


Selling the rational and physiological virtues of the bike life. Targeting city car commuters and public transport users.

Mobile social ads



We partnered AT with up and coming local artist Finn Wilson to create a series of uniquely Auckland Snapchat geo-filters - only available on the cycle ways.

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Cycle way decals

Finn also created street decals which were placed on the cycleways to help drive awareness and downloads.

Video content

To help promote the collaboration we filmed Finn's back story giving users an insight into his some of his inspirations, motivations and crazy stuff that’s happened to him working as a full time artist. These were further leveraged through his own social channels.

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Social posts

We profiled Finn, his artistic motivations and his love of cycling, in a series of poppy video posts introducing his bespoke Snapchat Filter illustrations.

Life in the bike lane


We created a series of visualised route maps, each following a cycling story along the popular new cycleways.


Localised route maps appeared in suburbs best serviced by the latest cycling infrastructure.