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Ditch the Itch
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Educating dog owners to the underlying problems of itches by interpreting their dog's symptoms.

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Zoetis has a proven and effective range of treatments for all sorts of dog itches. Traditionally these products have been marketed individually. But dog owners aren’t always sure what causes their pet’s irritation. Or what the right solution is. And their dogs can’t simply tell them. *Woof!?

We had to help owners get to the bottom of their dogs particular itch. So, combining the usually separate marketing budgets, we created a central hub of knowledge around itch causes and remedies. The content rich site educates and advises owners. An online itch identifier helps them get an idea of the problem and pre-sells a Zoetis solution before they visit their vet.

Pooch owners are led to by a series of social videos, POS, print and season specific comms that gives dogs a voice and personality that matches their breed.

Social videos

An Aussie Shepherd and Welsh Corgi introduced the new web hub to dog owners.

Website houses an itch-interpreter, product solutions, and a host of doggy welfare information.

Launch site


Dogs of various nationalities helped us promote the site in magazine and veterinarian clinics.