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human emotion
  with marketing
human emotion
  with marketing

AT the LAB we enable brands to deliver MarTech with heart, creating remarkable experiences and ‘wow’ moments for customers to truly connect with them as real people, at every stage in their customer journey.

We use emotion-based principles and creativity to connect digital ecosystems, technology platforms, data and great content to drive real value.

  • CRM

    Well organised data is critical in creating value for any sales, advertising, marketing or communications team. The LAB has experience across a number of CRM systems, as well as a deep expertise on hand, if needed.

  • Marketing Automation

    Your Marketing Automation platform should direct all data driven communications, and be continually evolving to provide more value and capability over time. The LAB has vast experience over many years, clients and platforms which you can tap into.

    Our performance marketing team delivers real business value in partnership with clients; using the combination of technology, data, media & design to increase measurable performance.

  • Data-driven Digital Media

    We believe the success of digital media lies on using data to connect with customers in the right way, underpinned by analytics capability and fast & frequent creative optimisation. We minimise media wastage by focusing on placements and platforms that deliver the best ROI.

  • Performance Campaign Design

    We have developed a unique approach for designing marketing campaigns that provide faster results and which enables better collaboration across teams.

  • Complete Funnel Strategy

    We bring awareness, consideration, acquisition and loyalty tactics and campaigns together by developing a full funnel marketing strategy which become the driver of Marketing Calendars, roadmaps and Always On development/optimisation plans.

  • Analytics and Strategy

    Meaningful and useable analytics and live dashboards to help you understand how your campaigns are tracking and which help you quickly identify opportunities to adjust and optimise, meaning you get more value out of your marketing spend.

  • Community

    Brands with curious prospects or loyal fans need a place to have conversations, build greater loyalty and connect with their audience in a human way. We create community platforms and strategies for both customers and prospects across B2C and B2B audiences.

  • Test and Automation

    Proper testing is so valuable but often this gets forgotten in the rush to deliver an immediate result. We have an easy to use testing framework which we tailor to client needs which works hard with creative analytics and Digital Media learnings to deliver real results for clients.

Marketing automation

We put people at the heart of our approach to Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can be powerful and add measurable value to a customer’s interaction with a brand. Equally if it delivers a bad experience, 9 out of 10 customers won’t return. Smart MarTech starts with the customer. And ends there too. That’s why we put the customer at the very heart of how we use Martech.

At Federation we have one go-to-question we ask clients every time: “Would you read/engage/click it? Would you...?.”

Our people first approach to Marketing Automation creates that emotional connection. Which creates results.

What human personas/insight can we identify from customer/prospect data?
What human emotions do we need to empathise with and why?
What attitudes and behaviours do we want to influence or create throughout the customer journey?
What is the long-term relationship opportunity and value potential?
What results must we achieve and how will we measure them?

We work with you to get the most out of your MarTech

Whether you’re starting out on your journey or wanting to optimise existing resources and tech within your team, The LAB has the knowledge, expertise and tools to deliver value to your business.

We use HEART tech tools and strategic processes that make it easier to find, get, keep, and grow customers in a way that completely aligns with your brand’s purpose and behaviour.



Effective use of Search

We help you navigate the complex and everchanging world of search to generate targeted leads and increase value.

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Customer Value strategies

We use behavioural and data insights as well as customer journey mapping to identify the moments we can deliver and grow customer value for higher marketing returns.

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We can help you choose the best MarTech tools

We are experts in a number of MarTech tools, whatever your communication objective might be.

Not only can we advise you which tool to select, we can help you get the most out of it making sure you maximise your ROI.

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