Leading the charge is senior communications professional, Tony Mangan, Managing Partner of Hubbub. He recently returned to New Zealand after almost a decade working at top PR and content marketing agencies in London. In that time, Tony directed high-impact campaigns for some of the world’s best-known brands, such as Microsoft, Visa, Samsung and Experian.

Under Tony’s stewardship, Hubbub will harness the power of content marketing to help clients drive business growth and deepen customer engagement. It will do so by creating, distributing and promoting high-quality content that is useful, interesting, compelling and timely – not a hard sell. It will use PR and social media to amplify content reach and effectiveness.

The launch of Hubbub is an important milestone for us Feds. We launched in 2008, in the midst of the GFC (against the advice of many of our peers), and since then have become one of the biggest independent players in the industry. Thanks to the support of our clients – old and new – we are now in an ideal position to launch the new standalone company to take advantage of the ongoing rise of content marketing and optimise our campaigns to a whole new level.