What we do

Wikipedia will tell you “a federation brings disparate territories closer, creating stability and common ground, especially when common cultural factors are at play.”

It’s this principle that drives us at Federation. It’s why we bring together specialist expertise in digital technology, intelligent media planning and buying, data management and analytics, insight and research.

Agency Leadership

Sharon Henderson

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We're big believers in being nice, making things simple and doing outstanding work. That's why, seven years after we launched, we're still in close partnership with our foundation clients and we're growing steadily alongside those who have joined us along the way.

To elevate your business, we jump right in to get an intimate understanding of the competitive market you're operating within and the audience you want to influence. From there, clarity is key and our strategic recommendations are always based on a relevant and thoroughly researched insight.

We’re passionate about creating campaigns that genuinely touch people. We take a feelings-first approach to storytelling – engaging and entertaining with emotion then supporting with rational benefits. We're meticulous and committed to making sure your message hits the sweet spot between resounding creativity and eye-catching simplicity.

With the multimedia landscape changing daily, content, context and accuracy are the three main factors influencing effectiveness. One size certainly does not fit all anymore, so we're constantly measuring, testing and evolving our creative product to ensure we're crafting work that escalates your brand awareness, reputation and bottom line.

We're also big believers in open, frank collaboration. If you are too, get in touch with Sharon or Murray today.

Design Overview

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We're big believers in design

Design is at the core of every brand's personality and it's an integral part of everything we do. The combined use of colour, typography, photography and illustration tell a unique story and when you get it right, a brand really starts to sing. We start by working with each client to determine the design language of their brand, so we collectively know what we’re doing and why – everyone is on the same page.


  • Brand development
  • Sub brand / product line development
  • Logos, collateral and style guides
  • Campaign logos
  • Booklets, brochures, flyers and catalogues
  • Direct mail
  • Posters, print, retail and POS
  • Swing tags, badges and t-shirts.

Digital Overview

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All roads lead to digital.
If it exists anywhere, it should also exist online.

We’re a team of digital thinkers and doers, communicators and problem solvers. We love nothing more than delivering rich interactive, results driven experiences and have a swag of local and international awards under our belts to show for it.

Our full-service in-house digital department has capability across all digital applications, big or small. We work hand in hand with the Creative Department creating compelling communications and rich integrated user experiences.

From mobile apps to sms activated robots, Multi lingual film experiences to small targeted banner campaigns, collectively we’ve done it all. We are a team passionate about producing great digital work irrelevant of scale.

It’s not all about digital it’s about great ideas, well considered, finely crafted, superbly executed.